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Trying to address my comment section FOMO!

I’ll be honest — every time I start watching a YouTube video, I almost always race to the comment section to see what everyone is talking about. I love laughing at funny comments, learning about cultural nuances I missed, or reading discussions on…

Using Python to reveal some national differences in thoughts on politics in America.

This is a final Data Story Project for COMM318: Stories From Data taught by Dr. Matt O’Donnell.

On November 3rd 2020, I was anxiously sitting at the edge of my seat, chewing my nails while blasting the livestream of the voting results on YouTube. …

Have you ever been on a loud train commute, been bored, and want some entertainment on your phone but forgot your earbuds?

Maybe the show you’re watching isn’t in your first language, but you want to make sure you’re understanding correctly and picking up new vocabulary.

Maybe the video you’re…

Adel Wu

student @ upenn |

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